7 Maintenance-Related Mistakes That Can Drive Hotel Guests Away Forever

Jeff Bowes
4 min readMay 19, 2023


A hotel’s success largely depends on the experiences of its guests. After all, a satisfied guest is more likely to return and recommend the hotel to others. However, many hotels unknowingly make maintenance-related mistakes that can negatively impact the guest experience and drive them away forever.

Here are seven common pitfalls that hotels should strive to avoid.

1. Poor Cleanliness

Cleanliness is paramount in the hotel industry. Guests expect their rooms to be pristine, bathrooms sparkle and immaculately maintained common areas. When a hotel falls short in maintaining cleanliness standards, such as having stained linens, moldy bathrooms, or persistent unpleasant odors, it leaves an indelible negative impression. This discomfort and dissatisfaction can lead guests to share unfavorable reviews and seek alternative accommodations, never to return.

2. Frequent Maintenance Disruptions

While routine maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of any hotel, constant disruptions can be a significant deterrent for guests. Ongoing repairs, noisy construction work, or malfunctioning facilities can severely affect a guest’s peaceful stay. If these disruptions become the norm rather than the exception, guests will likely opt for hotels that promise a more serene and hassle-free environment.

3. Ignoring Maintenance Requests

Guests expect their concerns and maintenance requests to be addressed promptly and efficiently. A delayed response or complete neglect of these issues signals a lack of care and attentiveness. This disregard can erode trust in the hotel’s ability to provide a comfortable stay, leading guests to shun the property.

4. Safety Concerns

Nothing is more important than a guest’s safety. Maintenance-related issues that compromise guest safety, such as exposed wiring, loose handrails, or faulty fire safety systems, can have far-reaching consequences. Not only do these issues risk accidents or injuries, but they also expose the hotel to potential legal liabilities. Once guests feel unsafe due to maintenance negligence, they will likely permanently sever ties with the hotel.

5. Lack of Care and Investment

Hotels must continually invest in regular maintenance and modernization to stay competitive. If a hotel appears outdated or worn due to a lack of upkeep, it may seem unappealing to guests. Dated decor, worn-out furniture, and aging amenities can create a negative impression and make guests feel their expectations still need to be met. Conversely, hotels that actively invest in renovations, contemporary designs, and improved services tend to attract guests looking for a more modern and comfortable experience.

6. Inefficient Response to Emergencies

Maintenance emergencies can occur unexpectedly, including issues like power outages, water supply disruptions, or HVAC failures. When such incidents arise, guests depend on the hotel’s ability to respond efficiently and communicate effectively. If a hotel fails in these areas, guests may feel neglected, leading to a breakdown in trust and a damaging loss of loyalty.

7. Inadequate Room Conditions

The condition of guest rooms directly reflects a hotel’s maintenance standards. If guests find their room in disrepair due to a broken bed, malfunctioning air conditioning, or stained carpets, it paints a poor picture of the hotel’s upkeep efforts. An initial negative experience can be enough to ensure that a guest does not return or recommend the hotel to others.

To attract and retain customers, hotels must prioritize regular maintenance, swiftly address reported issues, and invest in regular upkeep and modernization. By doing so, they can foster a positive reputation, exceed guest expectations, and nurture enduring customer loyalty.

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